What is Involved in Tile Floor Installation?

Tile floor installation can take up a lot of time and this can mean some disturbances in your usual day to day routine. The installation process itself is not that time consuming especially if the area concerned has perfect corners. What takes up a lot of time is the setting process for the mortar and the grout that are used. Although it may look easy, the whole process is not for those who are not skilled with the job. Inexperienced and unskilled workers can often botch up the job which requires attention to small details and patience.

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The first step in tile floor installation is determining the size of the area to be tiled and the size of the tiles that will be used. This is in order to have a good estimate of how many tiles will be used for the whole process. Only an experienced tile setter will be able to do this properly especially since sufficient spacing should be provided for each tile. Tiles will also have to be cut in areas where there are uneven corners or specific areas to be accommodated.

Next, lines have to be marked out as to where the tiles will be placed. The mortar will then be mixed and applied to the surface while allowing the guidelines to show. The setter will then spread the mortar evenly throughout the area making sure that there are no bubbles or spaces lacking in mortar. The tile will then be placed above the mortar and levelled with a mallet to make sure that it is lying flat at the required angle. After the tile had been set on fresh mortar, spacers will then be applied on corners to make sure that adequate spacing is done for the grout.

After this, excess mortar will be wiped out from the floor and the remainder is set at a level which is below the tiles. Grout will then be applied and allowed to dry for about 20 minutes before the sealant will be applied. The sealant will act as a barrier against staining and growth of mold and mildew so it is important not to skip this step.

The whole setting process will need about 72 hours in order to allow the grout and tile to set perfectly which means no activity can be done on the area for about 3 days. Tile floor installation is definitely something that has to be done by skilled professionals and not just by anyone.